Looking for a Family Doctor?

A family doctor or general practitioner (GP), are usually the first doctors to diagnose and treat most medical problems. If you need to see a specialist doctor, including Dr. Reid, you require a referral. This referral will usually come from your family doctor. Family doctors are your primary care giver and also order routine diagnostic tests and treatments.

Unfortunately, there remains a shortage of general practitioners. According to a recent government study, more than 90% of New Brunswicker's have access to a physician. However, if you are one of the over 71,000 New Brunswicker's still looking for a family physician, here are some tips and suggestions:

  • If you are moving from another region, ask your current family doctor for suggestions or recommendations;
  • Ask family, friends or co-workers to inquire if their family doctor is accepting new patients;
  • Ask your local pharmacist, optician, dentist, or physiotherapist if they are aware of any family physicians planning to open a new practice in your area or who is 'quietly' taking on new patients;
  • Add your name to the patient registry maintained by Horizon Health Network by calling (506) 648-6232 or e-mailing patientregistry@reg2.health.nb.ca; and
  • Contact the College of Physicians and Surgeons of New Brunswick at (506) 849-5050 or (800) 667-4641, all physicians in the province must register with the College.