Book an Appointment

We require a referral on file before booking your appointment. The referral must be signed by a physician authorized by the NB Department of Health and dated within the past six months.

If your physician gave you your referral please mail or fax the referral to us with your phone number. We will contact you by phone after receiving the referral. If you fax your referral you will need to bring the original with you when you come for your appointment.

If you believe that we have a referral on file, or if your referring doctor has sent your referral directly to us, you may call (506) 847-0007 or complete your name and phone number on the following form. We will contact you by telephone.

Health Care Professionals

If you are a physician or other health care professional sending a referral, please send the consult via facsimile to (506) 634-8855. Please identify the the urgency of the referral on the cover page. We will contact your patient with their appointment, so please assure their phone number is on the referral.

In Case of Emergency

Twenty-four hour emergency coverage is not provided for patients who have been seen for out-patient consultations. 'Consults' provide advice and recommendations to your attending/family physician, who remains your primary care giver. If you are an out-patient with a medical emergency, you should promptly contact:

  • your family physician or the doctor covering for them;
  • the After Hours Clinic at 635-2273 or 849-2273;
  • the emergency room of your local hospital; or
  • 911 Emergency Medical Services,

depending on the nature and severity of your emergency. If you have an emergency do not hesitate to use the Emergency Room or call 911. If you would like triage advice, call NB TeleCare at 811.